How High School Graduates Are By-Passing College Debt: Apprenticeships

A skilled labor worker and an apprentice working in a manufacturing plant

Alternatives to four-year college are on the rise throughout the United States, according to the New York Times. In Want a White-Collar Career without College Debt? Become an Apprentice, author Farah Stockman examines how apprenticeships are opening doors for those who may not want to pursue a traditional four-year degree. For high school graduates facing student loan debt … Read more A Region’s Response to the Growing Workforce Crisis Launch Event Speaker

The St. Louis Regional Business Council (RBC) and the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of to address the growing workforce crisis in our region. An online hub, will act as a centralized source of information—highlighting pathways and resources to well-paying jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, technology and construction. The goal: to give St. Louisans an easier way to get the skills they need, to get the job they want and the future they deserve.

Start A Smart Career With Paric


Reconsider the way you think of the word smart. While the pursuit of a four-year degree may seem like the ticket to a well-paying job, is it really the smartest decision for young professionals in 2019? After all, the average weekly salary of workers with only a high school diploma is 60% of that of … Read more