Three Team Members Earn SLCH Foundation Black Nurses Scholarship

SLCH Foundation Black Nurses Scholarship

Congratulations to Trinity Cole-Reid, Darria Miller, and Dominique Wilford recipients of the second annual St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation Black Nurses Scholarship. Established in 2022, the Black Nurses scholarship provides up to $7,500 for tuition, fees and books for eligible SLCH/BJC employees pursuing an undergraduate Associate’s or Bachelor’s nursing degree.

Join the Journey – The Little Bit Foundation 2022 Gala

The Little Bit Foundation Beyond All Limits 2022 Gala

The future starts now for our students, and every moment we spend and passion we spark is helping to shape their future. Our role is to help break down barriers and open doors so that every student can see, dream, and reach beyond all limits. On the evening of October 14, 2022, we celebrate the impact of our mission throughout the year, the dedicated people that make the journey possible and the amazing students we serve.

GatewayGIS Neighborhood Banner Project, Sept. 9–18, 2022

GatewayGIS Neighborhood Banner Project

The GatewayGIS Neighborhood Banner Project is an exhibition that celebrates a partnership between CAM’s Learning & Engagement department and GatewayGIS. The exhibition features a selection of eight banners on the museum’s west facade, which are the result of two years of planning, teaching, and collaboration with local organizations and schools near the new NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) west campus. The project was conceived as an opportunity for students to not only learn about past and present African American leaders and neighborhood landmarks but also to celebrate them through digital graphic design.

2022 State of the St. Louis Workforce Report Provides Insights from the Region’s Employers

Dr. Jeff Pittman speaking at the 2022 State of the St. Louis Workforce event

The 2022 State of the St. Louis Workforce report features statistical findings and insights from the region’s employers and workforce. The report also explores the pathway to job growth through the lens of the geospatial sector, immigration, and entrepreneurship, while debunking common misperceptions about the role of each in our region.